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Strong conception ranges, used in heavy industry.

Harbours : travelling cranes, spreader beams...

Mines (open cast) : tunneling machines, road headers, excavators …

Railways : coach to coach couplings for heating and air-conditioning, train maintenance in warehouse, cleaning ...

Airports : planes maintenance…

The 3PS range is fitted with a built-in AC23 power breaker in both the wall version and the extension version which permits it to be disconnected from the power supply on load without damage to the appliance.

Connectors 3PV MV and 3PX MV find their applications in harbour and open sites mines.

3PSS : Very good watertightness, used in industrial applications :

  • Fire engines
  • Tunnel lighting
  • Food processing industry

3PL : Multipin connectors range (37 contacts), very compact, watertight, which can be used for various applications, as well indoor as outdoor.

3PU/3PXU connectors allows the connection of big SINGLE POLE cables (max 300 mm²) and can be used in all industries needing high power :

  • Harbours : ship to ship, or ship to shore connections
  • Railways : train maintenance, cleaning …
  • U.P.S test benches supply

Multipin connectors find their applications in spreaders supply for port cranes, and different fabrication engines as machine tool.

PROCONECT propose all of standard battery connectors (DC) which exists on the market. They are used for forklift supply and all kind of wheel drive battery electric vehicle.

PROCONECT propose also :

  • Solar panel connector
  • Derivation box for flat cable
  • Watertight single pole connector

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Website language

Français (FR)